Friday, January 20, 2017

Letter of Offer

Thursday, January 05, 2017
To: New xXxXx Employees
... ...
... ...
I hope you are as excited about this as I am, and I look forward to a bright future together. 

Composed on 9/1/2017
Ever since the drastic drop in oil prices last year, the global oil and gas industry has been facing a difficult and complicated future. This has inevitably impacted the Group’s Offshore RBU.
... ...
... ...
In order to continue serving customers and stay relevant to stakeholders, the Group has determined that it is necessary to seek synergies with a similar organisation in order to retain competence and critical mass. As such, it has entered into an agreement with the American-based company xXxXx, Inc. for xXxXx to take over part of the Jebsen and Jessen Offshore business.

With this change, a number of colleagues will get a new employer. The management team is working closely with xXxXx to ensure that the employment transfer proceeds as smoothly as possible and that fair employment terms will be maintained. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to retain all positions and some job roles will disappear. The management understands that this can be very painful to those affected and will ensure that the process is handled with care and fairness.

Have submitted my letter of resignation, had a really wonderful experience throughout the 2.5 years with JJ. Thank you for the opportunity and guidance given to me! 
I could only pray and hope for the better with effect from 1st Feb 2017... 

Thursday, November 24, 2016


The drastic change is gonna take place anytime soon..

I would like to go on a solo trip to calm my mind then restart~
God bless!

Friday, November 18, 2016


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Endau Rompin; Retreat with JIEDE

Most grateful that was able to participate in the discussion trip with DCS and fellow TZs.
Many laughter holding on the pillar. A common point is that communication is very important.
One take home message for myself is 勇于承担 no point talking so much but not taking actions.
We had our Yummy Breakfast @ 天下佛堂
After 2 hrs of bus ride & 1 hr on Jeep we finally arrived!

Rounds of discussion until past Midnight
Our Cosy Hostel for the Night :)

The next morning getting close with NATURE
Kampong Hut

The ladies were all tired n they still can play table tennis =.="

YEAH! With the much positive energy charged from the trip JIEDE JIAYOU! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

1st Bridemaid experience with a Rude Apprentice

Very busy n packed October! With 2 weekends burnt at vegetarian food fair~ 
And my English class at Prayer hall on weekday evenings..

100 days after my wedding, recently attended 2 wedding banquet as MrChng's partner.
And got my 1st time experience as a "Sister" it was horrifying i would say :X
I was approached like 5 days before the wedding, agreed upon to help since i would be on leave..
I was shock that very morning when i saw what was prepared for the gate crash! OMGGGGG!酸甜苦辣!

I would say they were LUCKY it was me who was not satisfied with the service.
1 of their crew (pretty sure an apprentice) who was rude n impatient (TSK TSK) thus decided to blog about it..
Shall elaborate further.. 
The couple took up a package with this bridal studio decided not to mention name here for $4xxx from JB 

Initially i thought it was super worth it as i thought it was in RM but hey! It was not so~

Okay, it's not about the money, but about the service!

Well i didn't ask for the details but from what i observed throughout the day:
- 10 hrs video n photo n MUA (SME included)
- 2 set for groom n 3 sets for bride. 
I shall get more details from the couple when i have time.. But oh seriously!
Okay, it's not about the package, but about the service!

My collection n trial is in Kovan, considering very far, and they have to go down to JB~ Alemak!
I've got mine with my sibling's gown / suit n my fathers got their suit too.
Erm, that might be exchange for the video-grapher? 
Ohhh i even got an album for 1 day Pre-wedding shoot~ 

They had 4 crew n 1 MUA that day, who arrive early (compliment) 
Quite sure 1 senior photographer, 1 senior video-grapher  and so other 2 was apprentice.
How could i differentiate? 
1) When the crew could give clear instruction n idea while we do the shoot.
I hate it when the photographer ask us to do free style, Alemak! 
One of the crew did a good job by giving us instruction to let bride have this "slide" at the playground

Deep impression was when rude apprentice instructed the 'sister' to enter the room before the groom?
HUH?! never heard of this before, for myself, is the groom make his way then the crew.
I doubt him and question, what he answer was simply rude: 
*Roll Eyes* 

2) When the crew could the perfect shot / view in 1 good take w/o us re-doing / clapping / smiling.
So we enter the room after gate crash, poor groom standing outside =.="
By the count of 3 all clap and cheer~ 
(Well we are force to do that, definitely happy for the couple but clapping was not from within)
This clapping cheering was repeated 3 times =.="  

The second incident was at the end of the day, where i think the senior crew must be dead tired.
The other apprentice took out video shoot along the seaview, and re-do again and again for 3 rounds!
Hello seniors, you think only you tired meh? Torturing us to re-do the video!

3) When the crew is patient with request. 
When i told her to touch up on bride's hair to harden it as it keeps covering her forehead.
And that rude apprentice try to talk crap =.="
Saying that ohhh her hair was not long nor short that we couldn't clip it up.. 
Seriously MUA already putting more hair spray what's your additional comments?

Another impression incident, when we were taking out shoot and having some uncle on bicycle come along.
So few of us moved to the side to let the uncle pass, it was interrupting the shoot obviously..
The impatient rude apprentice (AGAIN) "Hello what you doing, cannot follow instruction" 

With so much tolerance, I have decided to write up this post...
Do hope the studio would do something to that "Bad Egg" 
Whom was rude n has given bad impression to their name.
Will definitely warn the young couple out there when they asked for advice..