Friday, December 22, 2017

Oh My Cafe @ Westgate

It's like our annual gathering with beloved secondary school teacher ms.wong

I found this restaurant with vegetarian friendly menu & decided to try it out!

As you can see, their food served in this page has got no onion / garlic / leek. 

"Oh My Cafe proudly expand Korean Vegetable Menu to whole day

No Garlic & No Onion

Korean Temple Food

Vegetarian BBQ in a Big Bowl
Vegetarian Ramen(Dry)
Secret Garden Salad
Char-Grilled Salad
Fried Seaweed Roll
Please find us at westgate B1-01"

We ordered Korean Temple Food ($13.0) Quite a cool way of presenting. 

Bibim Bowl Vegan ($14.0) Personally this was to my liking, with many vegetables and rices c/w sesame source. The grill mushroom taste special too!

Korean Seaweed Roll Original ($7.8) It was fried seaweed roll wrap with vermicelli, definitely worth the price! But we didn't fond the red sauce which was kinda spicy.

Not forgetting White Grape Lemonade & Yuzu Nade ($5.4 Each) & Lotus Tea (included in temple meal). Well lemonade was meant to be sour right, we couldn't force ourself to finish that. :X

Total damage to my wallet $50.15 (10% Service Charge).
Their service was alright, food was tasty matching to their price. 
The ambiance was okay, we manage to stay quite awhile to chit chat there.

My Verdict would be that i might not re-visit. 
Anyw my sister still has got craving for their Seaweed Roll & wants to try their Ramen (apparently it was out of stock that day). 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

3D2N Batam @ Montigo Resort with Fat-mandos

Back to work after a 3D2N getaway with my favourite guys! 


A pleasant surprise trip for Mr Old Cuthbert's 30 大寿 

We took this package from 番薯游 @ $1020 for 3 person
1. 3 days 2 night Package - Montigo resort c/w with Breakfast
2. 02 Ways Ferry Ticket from SIN-BTM-SIN
3. 01 Day Batam City Tour based on Itinerary A
4. 01 Seafood Lunch will be serve at Golden Prawn 933
5. Guide assist
6. Free Entrance Fee to The Illusion
7. Land Transfer based on Itinerary

 Itinerary A
➢ Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple.
➢ Polo Outlet.
➢ First Factory Outlet.
➢ Coffee Making Tour
➢ Golden Tourist Shop & Bird Nest Shop.
➢ Lunch will be serve at Golden Prawn 933.
➢ Golden City (Golden Layer Cakes) with own expenses.
➢ Batam Shopping Mall 

Day 1
So we went to follow the itinerary for the day. 

Our tour guide arranged a great vegetarian lunch for us :) 

Ordered freshly made Kueh Lapis at $25 each. Had alot of fun at Illusion museum. 


And BCS shopping, we manage to Tabao dinner at BCS loving heart :) the guys went shopping for new shirts. Lastly we bought mushroom & vegetables for cooking the next day. 
Our dinner which only cost us $15 :D


Check in was fast and had a briefing by the staff.

Didn't took much pictures of the resort, anyw you can google it yourself :P Resort 30 is our bungalow it's super near to the reception but long walk for breakfast daily.  


Our last activity of the day, swimming at our own private pool. And the guys trying very hard to pump the float with their lungs. 


Day 2
Breakfast at restaurant.  We had quite a variety, Roti Prata, Porridge, Eggs, Bread/Pastry/Cereal very yummy to start our day!  


So off we go for our exploring~ 
We just follow google map & walked 25 mins from our resort to this aqua adventure water park. 
Got the details from : 
Basic Entrance Fee: 35,000 Rp & Track Fee 30 mins 75,000 Rp / 60 mins 120,000 Rp
Well we bought the 60 mins, thinking we will need that amount of time. But guys! 30 mins is definitely enough already.. And they even provide locker services & basic washing facilities. And we were grateful for the group of friendly locals who agree to drive us back to our resort *感恩* 

Back to our resort, time to prepare lunch! This must be where we gain our 2kg!


Rest & Relax for the afternoon & then at 2.30pm head our for our Tilo Treasure Hunt ($30,000+ Rp) 
We each got ourself a Tilo Chick as consolation prize. 


Kampong Bike Tour ($60,000+ Rp) And we got all drench in the rain ~.~' 


and we decided not to have maggie mee for dinner, we head our to TADD again~
$21,000+ for vegetarian fried rice & noodle :) and walking around the recreation area.. 

They got a gym which apparently nobody using, a swimming pool also empty, table tennis, darts, foosball blah blah... =.="


Our activity for the night is LEPAK! Watched Hunger Games in the living room & eating chips~
Supper is soup with lettuce & broccoli & mushroom & abalone & baiye tofu! 

Day 3
Rise & Shine, not much of activity planned for today just swimming.. We cannot decide whether to go all the way to the common pool or at the private pool, end up we pick the later, since we already paid for that~  And a pleasant birthday cake surprise from the resort~

And goodbye montigo, we had a private bus from 168 tour agency to picked us & sent us to Batam Centre.
No vegetarian food in that mall :( lucky got pizza hut sia! Personalize pizza we had.. 

Another incident, whereby we reach the harbor at 2plus but our ferry was 3.20pm, so this crew approached us, asking if we wanna go for the 2.20pm ferry, he can made arrangement just give him some money for coffee ($5,000 Rp) =.=" and we manage to leave early :X

It was a very memorable trip going on a holiday with my favorite guys! Happy 30 birthday Mr Chee!
Hope that you enjoy the trip as much as Mr&MrsChng does! 
We should mingle & talk more sia~ Seems like we tend to speak out more during our meals~ 
So no more overseas trip but just makan session alright! 
Once in a lifetime to visit Montigo is enough for me! Way tooo costly.. 
Perhaps in future when i have kids & they asked about why we 3 went Montigo Resort together i can plan a trip to re-visit with my parents~